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Scientech Medicare: Following a customer-driven approach

February 25, 2011

December 2010

Asma Mohd Yousuf

The medical equipment segment drives the healthcare sector and also plays a crucial role in saving many lives. One such corporation that provides technical healthcare solutions is Scientech Medicare. A look at some of the contributions of this organisation in the medical arena.

India is a vast country and there is still a lot to be explored in the medical equipment segment. The increase in the healthcare expenditure along with the demand for services with respect to growing population, proliferation of hospitals & nursing homes and technological advancements are some of the driving factors in the medical equipment sector. In this area, Scientech Medicare, a division of Scientech Group Company, is a well-known provider of medical equipment that offers a comprehensive range of medical instruments and technical support. Leveraging the heritage & domain expertise of Scientech, the company’s products encompass a broad technology spectrum and high customer satisfaction across the globe.

Array of offerings

Pranay Upadhyay, Senior Marketing Executive, Scientech Medicare, Indore

From medical instruments in the field of cardiology and gynaecology to imaging and critical care, Scientech Medicare provides the same level of quality & reliability across all its products & services. Scientech Medicare products are categorised in two divisions: professional medical equipment and biomedical training systems. Discussing the divisions, Pranay Upadhyay, Senior Marketing Executive, Scientech Medicare, Indore, says, “Professional medical equipment consists of equipment for cardiology, critical care, imaging and gynaecology. Here, we have Electrocardiography (ECG) machines (single- & 12-channel), sonography machines (portable & palm-size), infusion & syringe pumps, multi-parameter monitor with printer facility, foetal monitor, pocket foetal Doppler, pulse oximeter, etc.”

He continues, “In the biomedical training systems, we have single-channel ECG simulators, 12-channel simulators & real-time ECG trainers in cardiology; Computed Tomography (CT) scan trainer, medical ultrasound training system & Doppler sonography in imaging; and anaesthesia machine trainer in therapeutics. Similarly, there are also products inthe field of monitoring, neurology (electro-myograph & electro-encephalograph training systems), ophthalmology, respiratory and telemetry (tele-medicine).”

Business model

Elaborating on the business plans adopted by Scientech Medicare, Upadhyay says, “We operate our business via our pan-India network that includes 16 branch offices and 60 marketing partners, who continuously acquaint us on the current market requirements. The market is likely to advance for portable & user-friendly devices, inbuilt long-battery medical equipment and biometric instruments. Soon, there would be adoption and integration of mobile phone technologies & features in the medical devices, thus providing further opportunities.”

Taking the discussion further, Upadhyay says, “There are a number of big and small players catering to the market. The products these players provide, reach the end-user through local dealers and distributors, who have all ranges of products available. However, with technological advancements, both instruments and customers are growing smarter. Portable and user-friendly machines are now replacing the business of big brand second hand machines.”

Even in the current competitive market, Scientech Medicare products have a significant presence. Highlighting the reasons to support this, Upadhyay says, “Our company products are customer driven. We have an excellent team of scientist, researchers, doctors, professors and consultants, who ensure the quality of the products. Besides, we have excellent commercial service.” To this, he further adds, “The ultra special point of our company products is its comprehensive range in almost every technology, customised base products and quality of service. For example, we have a two-kilogram palm-size ultrasound machine having better features & advantages over other portable and large-sized machines. We also have a vast range of medical equipment & bio-medical training systems in our product portfolio, covering all aspects of the medical segment. Further, we have a presence in almost every biomedical engineering department of colleges across India.”

Marketing mantra

While providing insights into the market plans, Upadhyay points out, “We tap every opportunity directly as well as through our marketing partners and effective marketing campaigns. Rural and semi-urban areas are the most promising segments. At present, Scientech products are already used in 55 countries.”

Describing the current activities in Indian market, Upadhyay comments, “Scientech is an Indian company with a global vision. We truly understand the Indian market, and our prices are very competitive. Before launching a product in the market, we test our products at several levels to ensure the quality. Several of our products are compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and carry CE mark. Our company is a member of World Didac, Switzerland. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have been awarded several times for our educational training systems. We strictly adhere to our quality policy, which states that ‘Perfect vision always delivers quality products’.”

Overcoming obstacles

With the aim to provide ‘Technology for better healthcare,’ Scientech Medicare deals with the challenges optimistically. Justifying the same, Upadhyay candidly remarks, “Today, competing with multinational companies is a challenge. Besides, the hospitals, nursing homes and private practitioner in rural & semi-urban areas have less access to power, which is a matter of concern. However, we listen to our customers’ needs and provide them with customised solutions. We provide equipment with long battery backups so that the electricity problem can be dealt with. Further, we are working with New VISion (NVIS) Technologies, Indore for providing solar-based solutions to them and Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) for their power requirement. We also supply our products with solar power packs and UPS to fulfill their requirements.”

Future prospects

In India, 70 per cent of the population lives in about 6.4 lakh villages. Every hospital in rural, semi-urban and urban areas would like to have technologies and modern facilities in its campus. With the government and private institutes taking major developmental initiatives in the healthcare sector, there is a lot of scope for medical equipment industry.

Agreeing to this, Upadhyay says, “This segment has a bright future. Our strategy for growth is to keep competitive price, yet provide best services. Further expansions are achieved by encouraging more marketing tie-ups with the existing as well as new suppliers of medical equipment for all our products. We would like to invest more in our Research & Development (R&D) to give excellent offerings that will provide extra value to our customers. Simultaneously, we will continue with our marketing activities such as seminars, workshops and healthcare exhibitions.”

Concluding, Upadhyay says, “Scientech products have had a strong presence in the market for decades, and in future, we foresee Scientech to be a popular brand in the medical segment.”


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